A Survival Guide:

How NOT to get KILLED by the POLICE

From the perspective of a former FBI agent and federal prosecutor, readers are provided with important information to increase the odds of having safe interactions with the police.

“What an instructive, humane, intelligent, compassionate, sensitive and sensible, concisely written roadmap for navigating interactions with law enforcement! . . . You have managed to demonstrate, by your own unique experiences, both sides of an intensely complex dynamic—what goes on in the minds of police officers, and the fear and rage that too many people encounter on a daily basis, in a hugely humane manner! This book needed to be written. You deal fairly with both sides of the issue.” – Dorothy P. Moran

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About the Author

M. Quentin Williams, Esq.

Quentin Williams is an attorney, prolific international speaker, former FBI Agent, former federal prosecutor and has held positions as an executive with the NFL and NBA. He currently serves as a business adviser/strategist and legal expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in wide-ranging areas of business. With more than 25 years of established business expertise and over 20 years of legal experience, he is a trusted confidant and well-respected educator with a lengthy record of successful deal-making and community advocacy.     Read More...

M. Quentin Williams
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Testimonials About Quentin

"What distinguishes Quentin as a man and communicator is that he is both impressive and grounded. He engages his audience because they can relate to him. He is authentic and is willing to tell his story, and in so doing – he possesses the power to persuade people to do the impossible."

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