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This book should be in schools' curriculae for ALL kids to read, no matter what color they may be.  I really liked it a lot.

~ Christopher Giovino
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (Ret.)
and former Chief of the Organized Crime Strike Force in New York City

I read your book and agree with its contents in their entirety. Thanks for sharing it.

~ Clarence Edwards
Independent Law Enforcement & Security Consultant,
former Commissioner-in-Charge of the Federal Protective Service
& former Chief of Police for Montgomery County, Maryland

I read the guide book and think it will be invaluable to all who read it! Thank you for sharing your experiences and offering your advice on interacting with law enforcement.

~ Jacqueline P. Simon
Not-for-Profit Executive

Quentin, you are a gentleman and a scholar! Plaudits to Brenda for inspiring this work and to you for caring enough to create a powerful “how-to” for anyone who might be dealing with a police interaction. Your guide is a quick and easy-to-read virtual seminar with concrete ways to stay safe and protected. It should be distributed to every student, every parent, organizations in all sectors and to City Hall and the White House. I will kick that off by sharing with my clients, colleagues, friends and family. Quentin: there is no doubt that one day your children will be extraordinarily proud of their dad’s earnest achievement. This is compassionate leadership at its best - and once it is widely disseminated - I believe you will save lives. For that, alone, you deserve a standing ovation! It is with great humility that I proudly call you my friend. Thank you!

~ Jan Vincent
Asset Management Executive

This is important information for everyone, even for a white suburban middle-ager like me who is at the opposite end of the profiling spectrum. Everyone should read this.

~ Tola Murphy-Baran
Former Sports Broadcasting Executive
NFL, Showtime and SiriusXM Radio

This book has powerful information. I am going to make sure that all of my Teen Achievers read this document. This information can save someone's life. It is very hard to sit back and endure a line of questions or commands when you know you have been profiled wrongfully. As you stated in this document: focus on 2 major goals when approached or stopped by the police...(1) AVOIDING a CONFRONTATION and...RETAINING your FREEDOM. PERIOD!

~ Sedric Webber,
Program Director at YMCA of Greater Charleston
& former Professional Basketball Player

‎This is really a must read. Q's perspective is enlightening to say the least.  Walk a mile in another man's shoes is all I can say.

~ Patrick Ard
Real Estate Executive

I thank you for your service and sharing your experiences with us all. My fiancee and I plan on having a child in a few years and I feel the same way you do in regard to their safety in this world. You have some great points here and, honestly, I have a better perspective of the other side of the coin.‎

~ Miracle Pierre

What an instructive, humane, intelligent, compassionate, sensitive and sensible, concisely written roadmap for navigating interactions with law enforcement! . . . You have managed to demonstrate, by your own unique experiences, both sides of an intensely complex dynamic—what goes on in the minds of police officers, and the fear and rage that too many people encounter on a daily basis, in a hugely humane manner! This book needed to be written. You deal fairly with both sides of the issue.

~ Dorothy P. Moran
Higher Education Administrator

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